Our adult martial arts classes will change your life

Do you feel that something is missing in your life? Are you wanting to get fitter, faster, and stronger? Is the gym not enough? Then you should consider taking adult martial arts classes at Tiger-Rock in Hagerstown!

Martial arts is more than just kicks and strikes—it’s a way of life. Find your inner strength by taking adult martial arts classes at Tiger-Rock!

You may want to take a martial class to…

…Protect you and your loved ones. This is an unpredictable world. We have to live expecting the unexpected and be ready for surprises. Unfortunately, some of these surprises can be quite dangerous. It’s important to know what action to take when we come face to face with danger. Because of this reality, you know that you need to learn the right skills and techniques necessary to keep you and those you care about safe.

…Get fitter and stronger. Every medical professional will tell you—staying active is important. You need to get exercise, consistently. However, we have jobs, families, and other responsibilities—it’s a packed schedule! It’s going to be hard to get the exercise in that you need. However, what if there’s an activity that’s fun and convenient that will help you lose weight and inches? Make you feel better? That’s why an adult martial arts class will be a great fit for you.

…Reduce Stress & Build Confidence. Let’s face it, stress is a part of everyday life. Work stress. Home stress. Traffic stress! You name it. And too much stress can cause anxiety and make us lose confidence. We feel overwhelmed. Feelings of defeat. However, an adult martial arts class you can take after work is a constructive activity that can help overcome that.

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Three reasons why Tiger-Rock is the best place to train

The most intense workout in the Hagerstown area

Kicking drills. Striking drills. Sparring drills. These are just a few of the exercises Tiger-Rock students participate in at our academy in Hagerstown, MD. We promise that our training will help you work up a good sweat. Taekwondo is great cardio, and it will help you build core strength and tone areas of your body. Plus, you will improve your conditioning and flexibility!

Self-defense that you can use in the real world

No fancy gimmicks. No silly tactics. Our self-defense training at Tiger-Rock is straightforward. Whatever we teach you on the mat can be used in the real world. Tiger-Rock instructors will teach you how to deal with aggressive threats, how to de-escalate a situation, and how to evade an attack. Our lessons will give you the tools necessary to be better prepared to stand up against dangers that may be lurking around.

A place where for growth

In Tiger-Rock academies across the country, adult martial arts students are learning new things about themselves on the mat. They’re learning that they are able to take on challenges head on and succeed. Students are learning that they have more inner strength than they imagined. And most of all, they are learning new things while having a lot of fun doing it.

The Tiger-Rock Advantage

A great environment for you to learn

Certified Instructors. All of our instructors are certified to train students in taekwondo. All instructors are required to renew their certification every year and participate in continuing education courses. Therefore, you can rest assured that your instructors are always up-to-date with the latest training methods.

Train At Your Own Pace. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts wants you to enjoy your training experience with as little pressure as possible. That’s why Tiger-Rock Martial Arts allows students to train at their own pace. We’re not drill sergeants. We believe in help students overcome challenges and achieve their goals.


An academy that revolves around you

No Long Term Contracts. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts believes in being members-first. That’s why members never have to worry about entering into long-term contracts.

Clean, Safe Facilities. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts holds classes in world-class martial arts facilities. When you come for a lesson, you will walk into an academy that is clean, safe, and comfortable for you to train at.

Convenient Class Times.  Your schedule is busy. From work to other responsibilities, your day is usually packed. To accommodate schedules like yours, we schedule Tiger-Rock’s adult martial arts classes during the evening hours.

Start taking classes today at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Hagerstown

We offer classes for students ages 4 and up. Convenient schedule and an excellent location.